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4 Jan



Welcome to the website. We will do our best to provide you with appropriate child development information and resources on this website.

The Ojai Valley Neighborhood for Learning is a tightly knit network of service providers, preschools, daycare providers and educators all focused on a singular goal:  making sure that Ojai Valley’s children have the opportunity to grow up in the most nurturing environment possible.  These dedicated individuals and organizations serve the interests of children aged zero to five years old and their families through a variety of service programs, community workshops, and events.

The Ojai Valley Neighborhood for Learning provides scholarships to help parents send their children to preschools in the Ojai Valley. We also provide scholarships for Ojai Valley Infant and Childcare to families in need of financial assistance.  We have a list of Ojai Valley Neighborhood for Learning approved Child and Infant Daycare providers.

The OVNfL ensures, through community partnerships, that the Ojai Valley’s children aged from zero to five years start their lives in a nurturing, compassionate and thoughtful environment.


The Ojai Valley Neighborhood for Learning gives all families in our community a chance to gather with others by hosting events that are low cost or free.  These events are meant to celebrate parenting, to learn about helpful resources in our community and to simply have fun.

Come Celebrate Your Family At:

Our Newest Project Working with the Ojai Unified School District and A Place to Grow Preschool – Ojai Valley Safety Town  Save the Date:  June 25 – 29, 2018

For more information contact our program director, Alisha Hicks.  She can be reached at 640-4300,  extension 1062.

The Ojai Valley Neighborhood for Learning is funded by a grant from First 5 Ventura County.


Scholarship Families- This is the link to the required 1 hour of volunteer time survey. 




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