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17 May

We all have to admit it. We have at one time or another used the television as a cheap baby sitter. The issue with that is that too much television for children very often makes it harder for children to find ways to entertain their self.

Well… to help give you some inspiration to come up with some creative alternatives to TV, I have provided you with six solutions to your “too much television for children” problem. These TV free activities are bound to keep the kids busy… well, at least for a while.

1) How about homemade “Coffee Can” ice cream?
Here is a simple homemade ice cream recipe:

  • Put 2 parts milk and cream and 1 part sugar in a coffee can.
  • You add any flavoring you like.
  • Then you put the lid on the can and place it into a larger can.
  • Pour ice around the smaller can.
  • Now you place rock salt on the ice.
  • Cover the big can with its lid. Seal it very well maybe with some duct tape.
  • Give it to the kids to roll around for about half an hour or until it turns into Ice Cream!
  • (Psst… Nobody will care if you do this one during the winter.)
  • Click here for some more good “Coffee Can” ice cream recipes on another page of this website.

2) What about making a card for Grandma and/or Grandpa?
Break out the rubber stamps, the art supplies and the construction paper so they can make a nice homemade care for their grandparents or another loved one.

3) The kids would really enjoy baking a cake
Purchase an easy brownie or cake mix and let them go to work in the kitchen. The most important rule that they must understand is that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor so long as they thoroughly clean up after themselves.

Studies have shown that too much television for children can lead to childhood obesity. So, to avoid the negative effects on children from television … let’s look at a few more ideas.

4) The Pirate’s Treasure Hunt
Another idea to avoid too much television for children is buy some cheap dollar store toys. Hide them somewhere like a closet. Now give them a list of items they have to find outside the house.

For example: a feather, a penny, a white rock, a red leaf. Tell them a cool treasure box is waiting for them when they show you all the items on the list.

5) Make your own homemade soda pop.
Here’s a recipe for homemade soda pop:

  • First pick a flavor.
  • Flavor suggestion: six ounces of frozen grape, apple, pineapple juice concentrate.
  • 18 oz. of carbonated water.
  • Now mix the 6 oz. of juice concentrate with 16 oz. of carbonated water.
  • Stir the juice concentrate with the carbonated water.
  • Pour into a seal-able bottle or jar.
  • Chill for up to six hours. Serves: 3.

6) Kids love making a tent inside the house.
Spread some old sheets or blankets over the dining table or the back of chairs to create their tent. Now they can get their flashlights and go in and read a scary story.

These are just a few ideas for alternatives to avoid too much television for children. There are many more ideas that you can come up with on your own.

I live in the Ojai Valley, California where there are many things going on to help you keep the kids busy. The negative effects on children from television don’t have to wrap their tentacles around your kids.

For 7 more ideas to avoid too much television for children see this article at by clicking here.

I’ll give you some more ideas in a future post.

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